Sunday, October 31, 2010

Slow Cooker Sunday - Stuffed Peppers

The ingredients. I cheated and cooked the rice first. Was not sure how the rice situation would work. Didn't want to chance it. I normally use minute rice but this time I used Jasmine rice. Which my newer microwave does not cook rice nicely. So I used more water hoping it would not be super dry and almost burnt (but not done) like usual and this time it turned out mushy. :(

The rice and "meat" mixture. I used crumbled tofu but you could use actual meat. Not sure if you would have to cook and brown it first. I would guess so. Add whatever spices you like to this mixture and a little of the tomato sauce or a little tomato paste (which is what I generally use but was out of).

Stuff the peppers like so.

Pour tomato sauce in crockpot saving half the can (at least). I had to really stuff them in there!

Pour remaining sauce on top.

Mmmm.....stuffed peppers!

This has to be one of my absolute favorite meals. And now I don't have to get the kitchen all hot. I will admit it is better with homemade mashed potatoes but I didn't want to heat up my kitchen by using the stove. So I just used the Country Crock ones. Which aren't too bad.

The outcome: no reason to use the oven! These were great minus the mushy rice from the microwave. My son actually ate and liked the rice mixture. I knew there was no way he would eat the pepper part though.

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