Friday, October 8, 2010

CrockPot Sunday - Cheesy Onion Enchilada Casserole

I have been craving cheese and onion enchiladas lately. I desperately miss Don Pablos. I have tried other Mexican places but I have yet to find one that replaces them. :(

I usually make them in the oven but I have to say no matter what I can not get them to turn out like the ones at Don Paublos. No matter if I barely put any sauce on them or no sauce at all they turn out too mushy or turn out too dry (without sauce). Good but mushy. So I decided I will just deal with the mushy!

I have heard that you can make them in your crockpot and decided to try. I realized right away that it would be difficult and very messy to keep them rolled up. So I decided to just got with a casserole type dish.

I wasn't sure how much stuff I would need to make these so I have way more items in the picture than I actually ended up using. I decided to go with corn tortillas since I had a whole bunch leftover. I prefer flour ones but I believe the corn ones are supposed to be better for you (don't quote me on that though lol). I didn't even use the box kit and will save that for another time.

1 - The ingredients. Which I did not end up using the box mix.

2- Me not knowing what I was going for while assembling them.

3 - When in doubt add more cheese.

4- Looks done to me!

5- The end result. Yes, again with the paper plates.

Again I was impressed with how this turned out in the crockpot. It was quite yummy! This is something I will definitely make again. Next time I will add black olives and refried beans to this casserole.

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